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An interesting view into culture…

An interesting view into culture and expectation.

How do you set your kids up for success amongst the competition? For China’s wealthiest one percent you ship them off to boarding school so they can get ahead of their peers and learn the skills that’ll allow them to rise to the top when they return

This fire in Australia has been …

You’ve probably heard of the coal seam gas fire that blazes uncontrollably beneath the now-abandoned town of Centralia in Pennsylvania , US – the town that the creepy video game and film Silent Hill was based on. But, while it’s been disruptive,…

Spread the word, don’t let monop…

Spread the word, don't let monopolies ruin the internet ideals.

"If you want a few unregulated monopolies and duopolies to stifle competition and control the future of communications, these are the bills for you. But if you think that essential communications networks deserve basic protections, then these bills are a wreck."

WASHINGTON — On Wednesday, the House and Senate Commerce Committees will discuss companion bills introduced by Sen. John Thune and Rep. Fred Upton. Both bills fail to even mention nondiscrimination.

Great video.

Great video.

Animator Dillon Markey has given the Nintendo Power Glove a new lease on life, and with a few modifications, has put it to use as an ingenious stop-motion animation tool.

Not that this should even have t…

Not that this should even have to be a thing. But a nice read of shared thought.

Having worked for the sister org…

Having worked for the sister organization, ago, this type of research hobbling is abhorrent.

Title is poor, should simply say gerrymandered research so they can lie more. Great.

Budget nerds stood between them and their cherished tax cuts.

Interesting topics, I have been …

Interesting topics, I have been wanting to dig down the hormonal similarity route.

The authors of a new book about the earlier onset of female puberty explain the evidence and offer advice

Ho ho fix your ego.

Ho ho fix your ego.

Throughout the Obama presidency, particularly since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, Republicans have been shrilly claiming that Democratic policies would spell absolute disaster for the American economy and the complete destruction of all things American. It’s been so ridiculous that if Obama indicated any support for a Republican idea, the Republicans were suddenly and unanimously opposed to it.

I love the exposition on what mi…

I love the exposition on what might have been without the development of complementary technologies.

The possibilities (and limits) of lifts are the historical reason our cities are shaped the way they are – and now the UltraRope elevator cables promise to transform them yet again, writes the V&A’s Rory Hyde

Lessons with death.

Lessons with death.

My favourite scene from The Hogfather.