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This site is a collaborative effort to look at life through a multifaceted lens of critical examination. Articles can be written by a diverse group of thinkers who want to share and contribute to the intellectual dialog, but are mostly written by Matt. Because we draw together outside sources as we study, our articles cover a wide range of topics from abstract theories for consideration to concrete examples we observe in daily life. In everything we do here, the idea is to explore possibilities and develop new methods to improve understanding about the world around each one of us.

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Most important to this site is the free exchange of ideas – of intelligent thought. We encourage contribution, reflection, and constructive critique. We make no claim to be an absolute authority on the issues we cover, but instead aim to provide only yet another way to conceptualize the materials. Disagreement is encouraged, but all parties are reminded to review and to adhere to the evolving maxims of the site.

Why the Zygote.Me Concept?

(By Matthew Strain)

Well, the concept of a human as a more malleable and nebulous zygote rather than a man, woman, child, or adult struck a chord in me as I was reading some interesting historical perspectives on various social movements. For me, this concept offered a solution that successfully removed combative elements within hot social issues such as the preconceptions that pop into many people’s minds when they hear the word Feminist. The theory combines the simplicity of humanism with themes from movements embracing diversity into a new analogy for introspection.

By using a combination of recent scientific understanding about human development, psychology, and physiology (specifically neurology) I found that the simplest way to generalize myself was as a living organism of potential subsequently molded. In this frame, the zygote me had yet to be shaped into one of several possible outcomes. The determination of my sex was only one of thousands of characteristics that were determined early in development and would be grossly overshadowed by the number of influences present in my life from that point onward. This follows the logical argument that given other influences throughout my development both biologically and interpersonally I would possess a grossly different worldview than I currently possess. In short, both my environment and my biology are marked contributors to the ever-changing product.

If you’re having trouble conceptualizing the mindset try the following. As a thought exercise, try for a moment to get past the idea that you are any of those things that observation or culture tells you you are, namely a sexual being. Instead, recognize that all of these things are mental models that frame your egocentric world. Roughly, what that means, is that our lives are defined by things we focus on in a narrow view just the same as things we never notice. For myself, I recognize that I am a man, live in America, am human. However, I am also beholden to many influences that are beyond the usual range of my perception. For example, on any given day, I tend to ignore the influence of the Earth’s gravity. Thankfully the very nature of critical thinking is connected to the awareness of these biases and artificial constructs.

Don’t follow that line of thought? Well, no worries below I try to lay it out around some fairly common qualms people have with the concept. As more people are exposed to this analogy I imagine this list will expand to address other issue areas that I merely assumed. As outlined in our maxims, no model will fit perfectly in all situations.

Got Issues? – A FAQ

    1. Wait a second, you cannot just be rid of your sexuality.

In fact, you’re right and that was never the point of conceptualizing life in this way. We are bound by the sex into which we are born. What’s more science has even shown that the differences between man and woman are not insignificant. Instead, we’ve learned that everything from the readily perceived physiological characteristics to chemicals and even neurological connections are areas of surprising differences between the sexes. However, as with many scientific discoveries we are able to use this information not only to highlight the differences but also to account for them in our future studies and personal models of thought.

    1. I am a {man/woman} and proud of it!

As well it should make you feel great to be able to revel in your own skin. However, the intent of this model is not aimed at one specific sex. So if anyone should be angry at me for advocating it may as well be the whole of the human race. Every male and female should feel proud to be a member of our multifaceted race. Consider this. What would your perspective on this issue have been were you a member of the opposite sex? Why is it you feel that way? What alignment has affixed you so strongly to the idea that you are defined by your mammalian development? On and on we can go, forever questioning the basic assumptions we make about our life. Questioning in this manner benefit, identifying personal mental schema, and highlighting biases are all the intent of this analogy. Moreover, this site will advocate the development of each element.