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Paydayloans Paydayloans


Our team and those participating in the discussion are asked to adhere to the following evolving set of guidelines and to dedicate themselves to employing the site maxims in their examinations.

Site Maxims

In no particular order.

  • Diversity is more.
  • There is usually no absolute truth.
  • On average, .me is at least partially wrong.
  • Life, in all its forms, is of interest.
  • Being {correct/successful} is a matter of perspective and expectation.
  • Derivative and even aged ideas have value.

Categories of Posts

  • What If? (probing questions)
  • Theories (asking the reader to consider something, rather than give the opinion of absolute truth)
  • Observations (may be too close to observations)
  • .me (personal post aimed at telling a story about personal experience under the microscope of reflective examination.