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Fast Year

So eight days ago I posted here with a story of my inability to get moving on some simple mini-goals. Since that time, I haven’t made too much progress, sorry.

My wife continues her wondrous daily account of 2011. In those eight days what have I done? Well, gotten sick as part of the Great Plague of My Brother’s Place. Discovered that Pedialyte is hugely salty, even by Gatorade standards. Wasted a tonne of time playing video games. And gotten buried by a minor snowstorm. Let me roll this story back some.

It was a cold, January Friday when my friends and I, cohort buddies from work of the best sorts, decided to have a happy hour at a small, dive bar named My Brother’s Place. We’d been there before and while loud, it was constantly convenient and cheap. The food was your typical bar fair, fried and often heavy. Still, it was dinner time and we all have to eat. Pray that you don’t eat there for some time.

What followed on Sunday was most unpleasant and shared by almost all those ten-odd who came. In the end, lots of fluids were needed by all. Thankfully I have a wonderfully doting wife who is gonna make an awesome mother someday simply because she frets and fusses so perfectly. I got enough chicken noodle soup to last a lifetime.

The week that followed was mostly spent recovering, teleworking, or teleworking because of snow. I don’t envy the two-hour commute my wife had yesterday – yuck! All I had to do was shovel the car out some. Totally worth it to stay home in that case.

Played with Rosetta Stone today. Lindsey is working on Japanese and because I don’t want to reset her progress, I’m piddling with Spanish right now. I’ve never studied it, so it’s pretty interesting so far. We’ll see if I care to continue it, although it would be good to be able to at least read it.

Beaten at My Own Game

So, I made a post February 2010 and haven’t done so since. My wife, in the course of about 20 days inside of 2011 has already posted more times to her blog than I have in a year. That is unacceptable. Check her out, it’s pretty interesting stuff – if you are interested in a 20-something’s day-to-day activities (stalker-vision).

What is annoying about this whole thing is that on the wall directly in front of my computer are a list of 2011 mini-goals (we avoided the term resolutions since they are so often broken). The mini-goals I proposed were simple:

  • Study PHP Programming – First project: Government Data sets
  • Be Happier
  • Care more about school and do well
  • Study Japanese

So with those simple goals in hand I should be able to move forward and do something constructive over the next few months. The last goal is one that I doubt I will have the ability to achieve in any real fashion outside of using the Rosetta Stone provided through my work (perks are great).

The first is one that I need to start on soon. I have been reviewing some additional tools that I can install at home to make my studying move faster. However, the recent demise of my pet project at www.inmyth.com really threw me for a loop in terms of personal ambition. If anything, I look to it now as a source for inspiration on why I need to grow in my technical knowledge of things like programming for the web.

I can build simple applications already. A neat example is this little script for a game I play (am addicted to like crack) called Heroes of Newerth (HoN). The script enables a person to copy game ID’s and input them into a form, which then requests the associated game XML from the HoN servers. Once it has the data it aggregates the game statistics for kills, deaths, and assists (yes I play violent video games that make me lose the battle against cursing).

Moving forward I really think I can learn to be quite adept at manipulating data and presenting it in fun ways for people to enjoy. I just don’t know that I have ability to do so anywhere from home. Having a mobile phone that could review reading materials on the train would be nice, but a luxury I needn’t invest in just yet.

First order of business, invest in downloading and installing the tools to help on my main computer. Go go go!